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Wright International, founded in 1991, is a Canadian aircraft support company, operating at the Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver stations. Company is a subsidiary of FL Technics, a global provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services and part of Avia Solutions Group.

The company provides Aircraft Line Maintenance up to ‘A’ level checks and A.O.G. support and is fully Transport Canada compliant along with being an EASA recognized organization.


With our long history and investments in training our staff we can provide licensed ground engineers with experience on a wide variety of aircraft.

We have AMO, EASA, DGAC approvals, granting quality services to our clients and partners.
Given the nature of our company we have extensive experience in various different operational protocols.

Our personnel are accustomed to adapting to this type of criteria and receive thorough training on procedures.
We maintain your aircraft the way you would.

Certificates proving commitment and years of experience:


Part of FL Technics and Avia Solutions Group

Wright International is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, leaders in end-to-end capacity solutions for passenger and cargo airlines worldwide. The Group manages over 100 offices and production facilities globally and is significantly backed by the assets of over 10 000 highly skilled aviation professionals, serving more than 2,000 clients throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and worldwide.

Avia Solutions Group holds more than 500 licenses for its evolutionary range of activities across multiple business sectors. Its vast portfolio of services to clients includes:


Aircraft Leasing and Trading

Aviation Consulting Services

Online platforms, e-learning, marketplaces

Aviation Media and Events

Aviation Training and Personnel Resourcing

Business and Corporate Aviation

Cargo Aviation

Charter Broker

Charter Broker

Flight Ops and Dispatchers

Ground Handling, Fueling, and Transport

MRO: Aircraft and Helicopters

Real Estate Management

Public Transportation Solutions

Railway Freight Transport

Time Critical Logistics

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