Training & Experience

We maintain your aircraft the way you would.

With our long history and investments in training our staff we can provide licensed ground engineers with experience on a very wide variety of aircraft.

We have an extensive AMO, EASA , DGAC and BDA approval.

Given the nature of our company we have extensive experience in various different operational protocols. Our personal are accustomed to adapting to this type of criteria and receive a thorough training on procedures.

We have quality team-oriented engineers qualified for a wide variety of aircraft types. We provide in house training for our employees and can arrange for certified maintenance training to our customers standards.

We provide ongoing training for all our ground engineers, from type-courses to company specialized courses.

• A300
• A310
• A319
• A320
• A321
• A330

• B727 series
• B737 series
• B757 series
• B767 series
• B777 series
• MD80 series